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Workout for Women's Day 2024 is honoured to be supporting these three incredible charities:


BabyGoRound’s mission is to help families in need to
safely care for their babies and toddlers by providing them with essential baby gear that they may otherwise not be able to access. Funds raised will purchase much needed breast pumps.

Learn more and donate HERE.

BabyGoRound Logo.jpg
Mavis McMullen Logo.jpg

Mavis McMullen Housing Society

Mavis McMullen Housing Society operates two buildings, providing stable, affordable and independent housing to low-income women of the DTES and East Vancouver – those with children, women with a disability, and older women. Funds raised will go towards the building of a new playground (valued at $30-$40,000) 

Learn more and donate HERE.

Rise Women's Legal Centre

RISE logo.jpg

 A pro-bono legal clinic and teaching facility serving women and gender diverse people all across BC. Clients include people who are economically disadvantaged, members
of marginalized groups, and people seeking protection from family violence.

Learn more and donate HERE.

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