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About Workout for Women's Day


The fifth annual Workout for Women's Day (WWD) is approaching, and we can't wait to move with you! Stay tuned for the schedule which will be released at the end of February. 


Workout for Women's Day (March 3-8, 2023) is a coming together of local movement studios and instructors around International Women's Day to offer public and private (corporate) classes for charities that support girls, women, and other people who experience gender discrimination.  This grassroots, volunteer driven campaign has raised more than $100,000 since it began in 2019!


We strive:  

  • to provide a space where all feel welcome and empowered to move in their own way,  

  • to support and share the phenomenal movement studios and instructors in our city, 

  • to raise funds and awareness for organizations that serve and support girls, women, transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming people, and  

  • to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in movement settings.  

In 2023, Workout for Women's Day is proud to be supporting these four charities:  

  1. Avalon Recovery Society

  2. Everywoman's Health Centre

  3. Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

  4. Women's Shelters Canada


Click HERE to see more on past years' Workout for Women's Day campaigns.

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