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Workout for Women's Day

About Workout for Women's Day


Workout for Women's Day is a coming together of local trainers and fitness studios around International Women's Day (March 8th) to offer classes for charities that support all girls and women. The campaign raised $40,387 in 2022, $33,447 in 2021, $21,000 in 2020, and $7,000 in 2019, bringing the 4-year fundraising total to $101,834!

The goals of Workout for Women's Day are to:

  • provide a space where all feel welcome and empowered to move in their own way, 

  • unite, support and share local movement instructors, 

  • raise awareness for organizations and causes that support all self-identifying girls and women, and gender expansive people, in the hopes of creating greater community connections now and in the future, and 

  • promote inclusion, diversity and equity in movement settings. 

In 2022, Workout for Women's Day supportes these three charities:  

  1. Battered Women’s Support Services

  2. Vancouver Women’s Health Collective  

  3. WISH Drop In-Centre


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