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Registration for Workout for Women's Day 2021 is Open!


Register for Workout for Women's Day HERE. Looking to sign up a group? Click HERE. This year, we ask you to pledge to donate to a charity of your choice that serves all who identify as girls and women.



Already registered? Click here to sign up for classes.


Already registered but decided to take even more classes (we totally get it, these instructors are amazing!) so you'd like to pledge to donate more? Message us here.

About Workout for Women's Day

Workout for Women's Day is a coming together of local trainers and fitness studios around International Women's Day (March 8th) to offer classes for charities that support all girls and women. 


We strive: 

  • to provide a space where all feel welcome and empowered to move in their own way, 

  • to support and share the wealth of local movement instructors, 

  • to raise funds and awareness for organizations and causes that support all girls and women, inclusive of trans women and gender non-conforming people, and 

  • to promote inclusion, diversity and equity in movement settings. 


Workout for Women’s Day 2021 will run from March 7-14, 2021. This year's classes will be online and taught by some of Vancouver's best instructors​. Participants will be encouraged to donate to their favourite charities and causes that support girls and women. Looking for inspiration? Check out our list of favourite charities that support girls and women here.


The campaign has raised $28,000 in 2 years, raising funds for: Battered Women's Support Services, Big Sisters of BC Lower-Mainland, Cause We Care, Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, Dress for Success Vancouver, and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver