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Individual Registration

Join Workout for Women's Day 2021 for access to a week of amazing virtual workouts taught by some of Vancouver's best movement instructors! We've got your workouts covered with a range of classes like HIIT, resistance-based sweats, yoga, Pilates, dance, chair workouts, boxing/kickboxing, barre, Qi Gong, and more.

Register below. This year, we ask you to pledge to donate to a charity of your choice that works to support girls and women. After you register and pledge, please go to the organization's website and make your donation.

Click HERE for a list of our favourites, support an instructor's favourite HERE, or provide your own! If you are able to donate, we recommend you donate $10-20 for each day you plan to sweat with us ($80-160 (or more!) for the week of classes). Most classes will be recorded and posted on Instagram so if you miss a live version, you can catch it later!


Your chosen charity will show up on our Impact page. Your name will be kept private and your donation amount is collected to help us understand the contribution total of Workout for Women's Day 2021.

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